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We honor our mission of nurturing a culture of innovation and collaboration. We treat technology not only as an enabler of operations but also as a core to our strategies. Investing in technological platforms is at our forefront to give investors, like you, access to the most up to date features that allow you to stay connected to your information and investment account(s). Whether you need access to your portfolio, tax documents, account statements, financial plans, or merely interested in finding educational resources—we've got you covered.



Pershing LLC | NetXInvestor®

Many of the world’s most sophisticated and successful financial services firms rely on BNY Mellon’s Pershing and its affiliates for investment and retirement solutions, technology, enterprise data management, trading services, and business consulting. 

NetXInvestor™ provides you with online access to your investment accounts, night and day, seven days a week. They also provide you with instant access to balances, portfolio holdings, account activity and more.

Phone: 877.870.7230

NetXInvestor is provided by Pershing LLC, member FINRANYSESIPC. Trademark(s) belong to their respective owners.

Charles Schwab Institutional

Their numbers tell a one-of-a-kind story. Schwab has been rigorously involved with independent financial advisors for over 30 years. They have been a tireless advocate for independent firms and have committed thousands of people and millions in resources to make sure independent advisors have everything we need to grow and succeed.

Designed for investors like you, their website and mobile app enable you to stay informed about your accounts while still relying on the one-on-one guidance provided by your Meridian advisor.

Phone: 800.780.2755



TD Ameritrade Institutional | AdvisorClient

Offering immediate access to a knowledgeable support network, cutting-edge platforms, independent third-party research, and compelling educational resources - all on top of a straightforward pricing structure. They support efforts to attract young investment advisors and bring diversity to the financial planning profession—to better reflect the communities they serve and forge connections to the next generation of clients.

While the physical statements you get in the mail show a snapshot of your investments at one single point in time, helps you connect to your account information anytime, anywhere. Whether you log in via your desktop or use the mobile app to get account information on the go, can provide secure, easy access to your balances, positions, tax documents, trade confirmations, statements, transaction history and more. 

Phone: 800.431.3500, option 4

Black Diamond

Black Diamond is our highly innovative reporting platform that works with Pershing, Schwab and TD Ameritrade. They handle 1.4 million client accounts for over 1,200 firms.

Clients want immediate access to accurate and up-to-date information. Black Diamond helps us stay ahead of the competition with automated auditing of every data point and reconciliation of client accounts to the asset level. Whether it's from the Black Diamond system or an outside provider’s, their data is accurate and dynamic. They make sure they get it right so we can focus on what matters – you and your business.

Stay connected to your financial life, anytime, anywhere with the new Meridian Wealth Management LLC Client Portal. From your portal, you have access to unique information and insights, account details, your investment dashboard, a document vault, instant access from any of your devices, and more.




Clients' financial goals are important.  They are not merely "expenses" – they are hopes and dreams.  In MoneyGuidePro®, they begin with clients' goals – time frames, amounts, and importance – which engages you and allows you to focus on how your money can be used to fulfill your needs, wants, and wishes.  They’ve transformed a data-collection process into a conversation about what’s important to each client.  Financial planning does not have to be like a session in the dentist’s chair – it can be fun.  

The MoneyGuidePro® Client Portal allows you to access your financial plan and interactive tools. Try out different scenarios in the Play Zone® or update plan-related information. Best of all, put your mind at ease by quickly checking on your Probability of Success and staying focused on reaching your goals.

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