Bad Idea? Women Leave Money Decisions to Their Spouse.


When couples get married, their finances are typically left to one person. It is rare for both parties in a marriage to handle the funds together. In some cases, the wife leaves the husband to handle all financial issues. While common in some relationships, this is not exactly a sound approach to managing money in every case.

Difference In Opinion

The trouble that can stem from this type of one-sided financial domination are differences in opinion. The person that is ruling the checkbook is typically going to have the final say. In instances where women may want to do things differently when it comes to the money they both make, it can be difficult to find an even compromise. Men that are in this position of managing the finances may feel that they know what is best for the household because they are the ones that are looking at the numbers. This can cause conflict. It may become harder to resolve when both parties are not taking a conscious effort to look at what is being spent. These differences can cause even more trouble in times where a joint decision has to be made. There are a few times where a single person can make a decision for two people without some type of conflict, becoming the result of this decision.

Long Term Planning

When one person in the relationship has financial control, it can become harder for the other to justify what is considered essential. For example, if the couple has children, there may be associated costs they do not agree on as parents. This can cause problems in a marriage. It builds walls where the husband and wife may be in constant conflict. Working together to achieve long term goals will likely lead to better planning for the spouse left behind after one passes.


When the husband has been in charge of the finances, things get very tricky during divorce proceedings. Many women do not give much thought to this. They can assume the vows that they have taken certify the spouse to be in a position of authority when it comes to financial matters. The trouble with this line of logic does not play out very well in court during the divorce proceedings.

It is better to know what is going on at all times when money is the issue at hand. No wants to walk away from a marriage without the ability to sustain themselves in the end. Unfortunately, women who let their spouses handle all the money decisions could find themselves in this situation.

Death Of A Spouse

Most would rather not think about the death of a spouse. However, a tragedy such as this can result in total chaos when it comes to financial issues. When the husband is the one tending to retirement plans, investing, and household expenses, the wife may be on autopilot. She may not have an idea on what her next step will be if she ends up in a position where she has to handle these things on her own.

What Can Be Done?

A shared role when it comes to finances will result in both a husband and wife making decisions together. Working together will result in better goal planning, expectations of savings, and budgeting (especially in your retirement years). 

If this process is uncomfortable in your relationship, work with a financial professional to lay out a well thought out plan that can take the guesswork out of your finances and future in retirement.


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